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Pet a human companion; these are animal kept primarily for a human company, for protection or entertainment.

Pet animal are special animal and they can never be used in place of working animal, laboratory animal or livestock animal. There are two most popular pets these are the cat and the dogs. Surprisingly cats taking the highest position when compared to dogs.


There are other animals kept as pet, but they are not as popular as the cats and the dogs, animals also kept as pet include rabbits, pigs, hamster, fish, hermit crabs, just to mention a few.


The major benefit pets provide for their owners include physical and emotional benefits, don’t get me wrong as there is a lot of benefit you derive from pets.


Walking a dog, makes you and your dog exercise, enjoy fresh air, and also socialize with people. Pets are a great companion for people living alone. Pets are also good to be around elderly adult who do not have much strength to go out and socialize with people.


There are closest pet store around you who have medical approved class of therapy animals (Dogs & Cats). You can take them along with you to visit confined family members and friend. Maybe you have a child in the hospital or have an elderly person in the nursing homes pets like dogs and cats are allowed to come along with you to visit them.


If there are some social, cognitive or emotional goals you want to achieve with your patient, you can find the closest pet store around you who have pet therapist they utilizes trained animals and handlers to achieve these goals.


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YES WE PETS is one of the closest pet store around you, with original pet supplies such as accessories, food and training, needed for your pets.

Below are the list of pet supplies and accessories needed to give your pet a comfortable life.

Cat bell:

A cat bell is a small nice looking bell attached to the neck of a cat. The bell makes sound when the cat moves to warm prays of the cat.  Cats are very smart they can walk conveniently with the bell around their collar without ringing the bell. If you want the cat bell to make sound when the cat move you will need two of the cat bells.

Dog Collar:

Dog Collars are often used in with a leash.  The Dog Collars are commonly use accessories to teach and direct dogs. Sometimes dog collars are used for fashion. They are also used for Identification tags and medical information can be placed on dog collars.

Pet Carrier:

Pet Carriers are small portable bags you put pets like cat, lap dogs and miniature pigs to carry them along with you wherever you go, if you don’t want them to walk all by them self. The pet carriers are of two different types then top openers and the front openers.


They are tie to the collar of the pet, to make is easy to lead, restraint and control the pet.

If you need any of this equipment you can go on to our YES WE PETS store to get any of our pet equipment and accessories.

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