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By Roselyne Baptiste - 23/01/2018

Canine Educator graduated from the State, I made of my passion the dogs, my job.
As a specialist in dog behaviour, I help dog owners to better understand their companions, better communicate, better listen to each other in order to establish a quality relationship between man and dog, based on respect, trust, listening, cooperation, sharing... and this in the respect of the dog's physical and mental wellbeing (absence of punitive tools).

Who is the dog? What is its nature? What are its needs? How does it communicate? What are the mistakes not to make?

These are all questions to which I am striving to provide clear and constructive answers. I intervene at home, in order to offer you an in-depth behavioral reading of your dog and to bring you the bases of the interspecies communication (between different species). Your dog exhibits embarrassing behaviors (barkings, fears, uncleanliness, walking on a leash, callback, communication difficulties with fellow dogs...) I can help you to solve these difficulties. Also, I can guide you in welcoming a puppy, welcoming an adult dog, welcoming a second dog, choosing a dog in refuge... or simply living together better!

Moreover, the spatial constraints of the city limit our dogs' daily life and the possibility of meeting their social, mental and physical needs. That is why, in order to enrich your dog's daily life, I also propose from Monday to Friday, collective walks in the forest.
The principle, I come to pick up your dog and bring it back to your home, after a 2 hours walk between congeners.
On the programme, nature and wide open spaces, a moment of freedom, where your companion will let his sensory, physical and cognitive needs run free, just to be a DOG. The occasion, of course, to exchange and learn new things, work on socialization, canine communication, explore, reflect, take initiatives...

For a healthy and balanced dog!

Roselyne and Toby - Naturellement Chien Educ

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