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Naturellement chien

Canine Educator graduated from the State, I made of my passion the dogs, my job.As a specialist in dog behaviour, I help dog owners to better understand their companions, better communicate, better listen to each other in order to establish a quality relationship between man and dog, based on respect, trust, listening, cooperation, sharing... and this in the respect of the dog's physical and mental wellbeing (absence of punitive tools).

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How to Introduce a Cat into a Dog Family

Cats and dogs can live together and even become best buddies. But first they have to be introduced.  Some people profess that they’re dog people, while others insist they’re cat people. But what happens when you want the best of both worlds? Many people are concerned that their dogs will not accept a cat in the house, or that they will be aggressive towards the new member of the family. There is also the fear that the cat will be afraid or intolerant of the dogs. The good news is that it is sometimes possible to successfully introduce a cat into a dog family, enabling the newest member of your brood to be harmoniously integrated and accepted by the canines...

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Why Dogs Jump Up On People & How To Train Them To Stop

When a new pup is brought into our home, he bonds with us and sees us as his leader. We'll usually clap and call his name, encouraging him to come to us. When he obeys, we celebrate with attention that usually ends with him jumping into our arms or with us picking him up. In this way the pup learns that jumping up is a way to get affection and attention. As he grows up, though, we no longer want him jumping all over us or anyone else.When considering how to correct problem behaviors like jumping up, you need to consider your individual dog's temperament before deciding on the best method for addressing this unwanted behavior. You should always try...

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